I plan to use this page to document things we have learned on our travels. Things like cell phones abroad, travel insurance, lessons learned, mistakes made.

New Zealand

U.S. Cell Phone – AT&T

I use AT&T for my cell phone service. It seems that getting an international package is rather expensive, and people recommend getting a local SIM card (SIM = Subscriber Identity Module), which I did. I didn’t want to lose my US cell phone number so I suspended my service. You can do this for up to 6 months in a year, after which time service is automatically reactivated. When service is suspended, you can’t make calls, get calls, do text messaging, or access voice mail.

However, if you suspend your mobile phone service, by default you will still be charged the full rate. You need to talk with an AT&T representative – or do a live chat – and request that you get the $10 rate for the months that your phone is suspended. If you don’t specifically request this, you still pay full price for the non-service.

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